Through Broken Glass

Welcome to our new website.

The new Through Broken Glass is a little different. We are starting afresh with a clean sheet but we hope our old followers will stay with us in our new patch of cyberspace. We want to say a massive thank you to our past contributors, but times are changing and so are we. Maybe we’re just getting old but we’ve decided to leave the comic side of life to others and concentrate on other things that interest us. We want to give a platform to art and writing that has something unusual to say – essays, prose and artwork that doesn’t fit in easily elsewhere; stuff that challenges our preconceptions and explores obsessions.

Most importantly we hope readers old and new will find things here over the coming months and years that will engage and challenge them, and hopefully provoke them to think differently about the world.

We are looking for new writers and artists to fill the streets of our brave new world. If you’re interested in sharing your work or ideas, have a look at our submissions page.

Through Broken Glass is mostly edited by Davis Kent with the help of guest editors, assistants and people who are too nice to tell him to go away. He was born in South Wales, but now lives and works in Manchester, UK. He has had an unusual career path: editor, researcher, surveyor, grave digger, and private investigator (all surveillance work undertaken, reasonable hourly rates).

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Photo © David Frankel

‘the tigers have found me and I do not care’- Charles Bukowski



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